Management Structure

General Body is the supreme authority of the ELI which is consisted with 08 members. General Body brings any amendment in the organizational structure. General body of the organization confirms the yearly organizational activities and accounts. General body elect the 03 members of Executive Committee for two years period. The Executive Committee is responsible and accountable to General Body for its work and organizational management. The body is accountable for effective smooth functioning of the organizational activities. General Body also elects the Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer and he performs the management functions and guide the staff members as assigned by the Executive Committee. The Senior staff works under the direct supervision of the Chief Executive Officer. The project in charge and coordinators works under the supervision of Chief Operating Officer. Project Coordinators and in charge lead the projects in consultation of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer. In Coordination meeting the Executive Director/CEO preside over the meeting and take all the important decisions in a participatory manner. The Coordinators/Project Directors, Section Heads reports to the Chief Executive Officer of ELI.

Profiles of the Management Team:

Nadeem Zia - Chief Executive Officer

Sarwat Nadeem - Chief Operating Officer

Muhammad Shahid Siddiqui - Program Director F & A

Dr. Sadia Siddiqui - Program Director Special Education

Shazia Siddiqui - Program Director Education

Siddique A. Sheikh - Program Manager SInternal Audit & Legal Affairs